111. Holy Sh*t We're Gunna Be Parents

Sarah is getting ready to give BIRTH this week and brings on her husband Brandon to talk about their biggest life transition to date - getting ready for baby! They talk about the biggest surprises of pregnancy, what it's been like for their relationship, pregnancy sex, hormonal fights, biggest fears walking into birth and away from baby-free life and the excitement of starting a fam!

Life is about to look a whole lot different...

110. Declutter your Space, Declutter your Brain! Spring Cleaning Hacks with Holly Trepka of Neat Method

Spring has Sprung (kind of) and that means it's time for a little SPRING CLEANING ACTION! Clean Queen, Holly Trepka of Neat Method Nashville is here to help us declutter and get organized. She is going to walk us through some of the messiest spaces in our homes and share some tips and tricks to get things in order. There's a famous quote that says something  like “The clutter in your space is a direct reflection of the clutter in your brain” so if you’re looking around and your space is a HOT MESS, it's ok, now is the perfect time to turn that sh*t around! 

109. Move Over Enneagram, We’re Learning our “Source Code” today with Dr. Sam Rader!

What if we could boil allllllll of our #BigKidProblems down to 12 Sources? Dr. Sam Rader is in the house today, and after practicing Psychology for 18 years she started realizing that everyone’s problems could all be traced  down to 12 KEY Sources, creating what she dubbed, “Source Code”. She has found that if we can better understand the SOURCE of our issues, why we do the things we do, why we repeat patterns and cycles that most of us developed in early childhood, well then we are much more likely to overcome them. Want to uncover your own source code? Take a listen to this episode! 

108. Fertility Struggles; Egg Freezing, IUI vs IVF, Miscarriages and More with Dr. Lora Shahine

Remember when all we cared about was PREVENTING pregnancy? Well now that I'm in my 30’s, I’ve seen a new big kid problem arise, and that is having trouble getting pregnant. There is a lot we don’t learn about when it comes to our fertility and that's why this week I’m bringing in the big guns, Dr. Lora Shahine. She is a Double Board-Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist, Bestselling Author, and Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Washington so needless to say - she knows her sh*t! 

107. Mental Health & Pregnancy; Perinatal Depression Signs, Symptoms & How to Cope!

Sarah is in her THIRD trimester and opens up about experiencing some depression symptoms earlier in pregnancy. What she didn't know? It's way more common than she thought. This week, Psychotherapist and owner of HLW Therapy, Hilary Weinstein, joins the pod to give us more info on Prenatal and Postpartum Depression, why so many of us have never heard of it, and answer a ton of questions because the more we know, the quicker we can destigmatize it.