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The BigKidProblems List is on Amazon PRIME baby!

The BigKidProblems Amazon List is HERE!! Any time we mention a book or a resource or product on the podcast - it is going in one, easy to find place: The BigKidProblem Amazon Prime List! 


How to Train your Dog/ Boyfriend

I just adopted a puppy! Having a new puppy is so much fun, but holy hell, it is a ton of work. I love him, but like every male in my life, he gives me tension headaches sometimes. The good news? Puppies can be trained. Through learning how to train my pup, I've picked up a few techniques that also work on boyfriends. WHOSE A GOOD BOY??? 




2019 is here babes. A clean slate. A fresh start. Are you ready to make it your BEST YEAR YET??? Whether you already have your resolutions mapped out OR are late to the game and already anxious that you're behind schedule - I've got 3 (ONLY 3?!) easy steps for you to get your life on track. Let's make 2019 our bitch. 



Turning 30: A Survivors Guide

Turning the big 3-0 is a pretty big deal.  I've decided, as your 20-something Sherpa I need to prepare you for what turning 30 is really like.



The Scariest Parts of Being an Adult

It's HALLOWEEN baby, prepare to be SPOOKED! I'm counting down the scariest parts of being an adult and this list is NOT for the faint of heart. Proceed only if you dare.