64. Favorite Moments of 2020! A Compilation of Favorite Insights and “A-ha” Moments from the 2020 Season

It’s the LAST EPISODE of 2020! That's right, WE MADE IT TEAM! It has been a tough year, but luckily we’ve had incredible guests all season long, helping us to make it though. I went back and pulled some of my favorite insights and “A HA!” moments from this past year and put them all together for a fun little 2020 compilation episode. So if you’re new to BKP this is a great way to get a little taste of several awesome episodes. If you enjoy this one, I definitely encourage you to go back and listen to some great episodes you may have missed! Enjoy!

Full list (in order) of our guests and episodes!

  • Carl Radke & Mary Beth Barone Episode 34 - The Fuckboy Pandemic
  • Stephanie Kwong Episode 47 - Breaking Your Barriers

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