The Life Changing Art of Saying NO! Setting Boundaries and Handling Confrontation like a Boss with Amy Smith

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Have you ever begrudgingly split the bill or been guilted into going out when you realllly just didn't want to? So many of us say “yes” for fear of being awkward or uncomfortable when we could be living our truth! Speaker & certified Life Coach Amy Smith joins the podcast today to help us learn the life changing art of Saying NO. She teaches us communication hacks, boundary setting techniques and  how to properly stand...

Is 2020 in Retrograde? Astrology Insights with Celebrity Astrologer Angie Godfrey

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Celebrity Astrologer Angie Godfrey joins the show and teaches us some Astrology basics. We’ll talk about some common Astro occurrences like eclipses, full moons, and retrogrades, and see how we can use these things in our everyday lives. We’ll also get into what’s up with 2020, what the planets have in store for us for the rest of the year, and when we can expect things to lighten up around here.

Get your Money Honey! Navigating Pay Cuts, Government CHECK$ and Financial Uncertainty in 2020 with @MrsDowJones

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Right now, I know one of the biggest BIGKIDPROBLEMS everyone has on their mind is their personal finances. We’ve never seen an economic shutdown at this level before and I think it’s safe to say we’re all a little nervous about how this is all going to shake out. Whether you are one of the millions of people who lost their jobs because of this pandemic, or maybe you're trying to keep your business afloat or maybe you’re nervous...

Hair up. Bra’s off. Learning to Let it all Go in Quarantine

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In an experiment in “Letting Go” this week, we’re having some fun and ditching the normal BKP format in exchange for a truly candid/ridiculous episode guaranteed to make you chuckle.  Friend of the Show (and my quarantine buddy) Dr. Paige Bourassa joins the pod and things quickly go off the rails as we talk about Life, Dating, Mistakes, Anal, Vegans and so much more.

Love & Sex in Quarantine with Sexologist Michelle Hope!

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We’re talkin’ bout sex baby!  That’s right we’re talking about Love & Sex in Quarantine with our expert of the week, Sexologist Michelle Hope! None of us have ever gone through a Pandemic before, and it may have had a variety of effects on our Sex lives. Michelle is going to talk to us about what’s normal, why so many of us are NOT in the mood, how to get on the same page with your partner, and...