Dear BigKidProblems.. You Asked & I Answer your Biggest Questions and Bigkidproblems!

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It’s the final episode of 2019!

Many of you wrote in questions for this “Ask me anything” episode and I rapid fire through ‘em! We cover love, money, career, relationships, how I got this podcast started, biggest regrets, worst dates and lots of other fun stories and advice from yours truly. 




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All Couples Fight: Fighting Styles, Keeping it clean, Marriage and Dating Advice for the Modern Relationship

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When you spend enough time with a person, disagreements and fights are inevitable! But HOW you fight with your significant other can really make or break your relationship.

 On our roundtable this week we have on a REAL Life married couple who knows a thing or two about relationship fights – Adam and Danielle of the Marriage and Martini’s Podcast. These two have basically turned their fights into a hit podcast and we talk about fighting styles, how kids marriage and other milestones can...

How to Survive a Toxic Workplace, Office Bullying, and dealing with Co-workers, Bad Bosses and other people you can’t stand

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Have you ever worked in a toxic environment? I connect with female entrepreneur and a former coworker of mine, Nina Ojeda, to tell the tale of the worst place we ever worked, what makes a workplace “toxic”, how to deal AND how to make your escape!

THEN Lifestyle and Leadership Coach Donald Jenkins walks us through a Temperament exercise  to uncover what makes us tick and how to deal with other temperaments and personalities you may find around your office.


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What am I doing with my life? How to feel better when you’re in a Funk with Paige Bourassa

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Have you ever been in a funk or wondered “What am I doing with my Life?? Then this is the episode for you! Friend of the show Dr. Paige Bourassa is back to teach us how to calm ourselves down and feel better about life just in time for family time over the holidays! We talk about: 

Existential Crisis

Saturn Return

Physical and mental hacks to make us feel better


Pottery (?)

And more. 


Hormone Health & Modern Fertility with Nina Boyce & Afton Vechery

Listen to the Hormone + Fertility Episode HERE

We’re back in health class – but with a BKP twist. This week I have on Hormone Coach Nina Boyce who will help us understand our hormones better and teach us  ways to nourish our bodies when our hormones are getting out of whack and making us moody, stressed, or, how I like to describe myself when I’m PMSing – very stabby. THEN we’ll hear from CEO of Modern Fertility Afton Vechery who is CHANGING the game on fertility testing and awareness...