Spirit Guides, Ghosts & Tapping into your Intuition with Celebrity Spiritual Medium, Erika Gabriel

Listen to the Halloween Episode HERE! 

It’s Halloween Week and we’re getting into the holiday spirit fam! Celebrity Spiritual Medium, Erika Gabriel joins us this week to teach us about our spirit guides, how to tap into our intuition, why the universe tests us sometimes, and so much more. Erika has read for thousands of people all of the world and has brought closure to hundreds of mysterious deaths, murders, paternity cases, questionable suicides, overdoses etc, so I put her to the test to see if she could help us...

How to Turn your Side Hustle into your Full Time Gig. SOLO Episode with BigKidProblems Founder, Sarah Merrill

Listen to my first ever SOLO Episode Here!  

Look at me all business-like for my first ever SOLO Episode! Today I tell you the tale of how I took @bigkidproblems from hobby to side hustle to my full-time gig. For anyone who wants to start a passion project, grow their personal brand, leave corporate life, or start their own business – I encourage you to learn through my mistakes! I...

Moving In Together, Expectation vs Reality, Keeping it Sexy, When to Move in and When to Move on with NEWLY Moved in Couple Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula of Bravo TV’s Summer House

Listen to the Moving In Together Episode HERE! 

It’s a big relationship milestone! We’re talking about Moving In Together. We’re sitting down with my pals and REAL life couple Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula of Bravo TV’s Summer House to talk about some quirks that they learned about each other AFTER moving in, how they navigate life together, how they keep it sexy and so much more. We’re even going to play a little version of the Newly Wed game – except it’s the Newly Moved-in game – so I...

Keeping up with the @MrsDowJones’ – Investing 101, Getting out of Debt, Who pays on the first date, and making finance fun w/ Haley Sacks

Listen to the Finance is FUN episode HERE!

We’re making Finance Fun this week with the hilarious @MrsDowJones AKA Haley Sacks. I know, I know. When I see the word “finance” I want to run for the hills but believe it or not you NEED some basic understanding of finance so you can do things like live and go to brunch.

In this episode we talk about some ways to tackle debt, some easy apps to use, and some crystal clear steps to take if you want to start investing TODAY....

I Get Knocked Down, but I Get Up Again: Resilience and learning Mental, Physical & Emotional Toughness with SURVIVOR Alumn Eliza Orlins and Paige Bourassa

Listen to the "I GET KNOCKED DOWN" Episode HERE! 

Shits getting REAL this week fam – we are talking about getting UP after getting knocked down a.k.a learning resilience and mental toughness when life just wants to kick you in the balls.

Friend of the show Paige Bourassa and I talk about getting our balls CURRENTLY kicked and how we are coping. THEN we bring on 2x Survivor Alumn and Amazing Race star Eliza Orlins who can teach us all a thing or two about developing mental toughness in extreme conditions.