The Depression Episode, Warning Signs, Managing Emotions & Supporting your People w/Annabelle DeSisto & Dr. Daryl Appleton

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Shits getting real this week as we dive into the super fun, super light hearted topic of Depression! First up, I have a very candid convo with hilarious comedy writer and host of The Adderall and Compliments Podcast, Annabelle Desisto. We talk about dealing with depression on a day to day basis, meds, Lisa Frank, childhood trauma and when edibles go wrong. THEN Psychotherapist Dr. Daryl Appleton joins the show (54:45) to teach us about the different types of depression...

Clear your Brain Fog, Boost Productivity & Live a “Genius Life” with NY Times Bestseller Max Lugavere

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Ever feel a little slow or like your brain just won’t turn on? New York Times Bestselling Author Max Lugavere joins the show to talk all about ways to optimize your brain and body! After his mom was diagnosed with a rare form of dementia, Max went on a fact finding mission to figure out what lifestyle/ food choices can help OR hurt the brain in the long term AND in the here and now. The information he discovered...

The Fuckboy Pandemic: Spotting Red Flags and Curing your Addiction to the Bad Ones with Carl Radke and Mary Beth Barone

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I think we could all use a little distraction this week ay? We’re talking about a DIFFERENT pandemic in this episode: The Fuckboy Pandemic. Many of us have encountered Fuckboys (or “Players” as they are formally known) out in the wild and in this episode, we’ll talk about how to spot em, how to deal with them and how to learn from them.  To offer some insight, we have “Recovering Fuckboy”, Carl Radke  (who many of...

Calming your Coronavirus Fears & Anxieties + Staying Sane in Quarantine with Dr. Paige Bourassa

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The world feels like it's been flipped upside down the last few weeks. We all feel it.

Friend of the show Dr. Paige Bourassa joins us this week and we’ll talk about Coronavirus and more specifically, how to deal with the stress, anxiety and all the uncertainty around this difficult time. We’ll also talk immunity support, physical and mental health AND about how to stay sane while we’re all in quarantine. Whether you’re alone and battling isolation...

Manifesting, Up-leveling, and starting 2020 with the RIGHT Energy with Energy Healer Millana Snow

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It is a brand new year and a brand new DECADE and in today’s episode we are learning how to let go of old, dusty energy and bring in those GOOD VIBES for 2020.

To start the new decade on the right foot, Energy Healer Millana Snow is going to walk us through some tools YOU can use wherever you are to shift your energy and up level your life! We’ll talk about manifesting, setting intentions and...