91. Take Back Your Time! Learn to Balance Life Better with Christy Wright


Personal growth expert and national best selling author, Christy Wright is on the pod and ready to give us a crash course on her new book, Take Back Your Time: The Guilt-Free Guide to Life Balance. She reveals the main reasons why we feel out of balance and helps us ditch the distractions in life so we can focus on what really matters.

90. Dating in the Digital Age: Going from Casual to Committed with Dating Coach Ryan Patrick


We’re living in a post-pandemic world and the dating game has changed! Dating & Relationship Coach Ryan Patrick is here to help us make sense of it all. On his Popular Youtube Channel “Dater Boy” Ryan helps hundreds of thousands of women navigate the digital dating space,  and today we talk everything from dating apps, to texting do’s and don’t, things that scare guys off, the “courting process” from a males perspective and so much more. Think of Ryan as your new best guy friend, ready to give it to you straight.  

89. Solving YOUR Biggest Wedding Struggles with Nicole Pellegrino of Betches Brides

It’s the third and final installment of the Wedding Mini Series! This week, Sarah brings in wedding expert Nicole Pellegrino of Betches Brides to help solve all of YOUR Wedding Big Kid Problems. We have been collecting your questions for MONTHS and cover everything from covid concerns, to wedding party and family drama, budgeting, trends, things to cut out and so much more!

88. The Bridal Debrief. Wedding Regrets & Lessons Learned with Krista Williams

Wedding Regrets… we’ve had a few.. Sarah sits down with friend and fellow bride, Krista Williams of the wildly popular Almost 30 Podcast. They have an honest conversation about the bridal experience, some things they wish they could do differently, some things they wish they did and DID NOT spend money on,  and some wedding advice that might surprise you. They’re basically going to tell you all the sh*t no-one tells you about being a bride  (and trust me, there’s a lot!)

87. Til Death Do us Part

Getting married is a HUGE life milestone and Sarah is BACK from the honeymoon and ready to spill all the tea.  She and her Hubby are on the pod today in a rare, intimate episode to recap their Wedding Day, share some Wedding Wisdom and chat about married life!