86. We Gettin Married!!! Inside a Rollercoaster of a Wedding Journey

Well friends, it’s the end of an era. I’m getting married THIS week and am giving you a little look behind the scenes! I’m talking all things wedding planning struggles, bridal hacks, and some wisdom I’ve picked up over the last TWO years of being a #coronabride. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll most likely elope after this...

85. Sex, Weed, and Getting Better at Getting Off with Dr. Carlen Costa

Well this is going to be a fun week! We’re talking Sex, Love, & Cannabis with Dr. Carlen Costa DHS, MPH, RP, ACS a Clinical Sexologist, registered Psychotherapist, Cannabis Educator, and best-selling Author! Dr. Carlen is on a mission to close the “Orgasm Gap” and we talk about misconceptions, pressure, and how to get better at getting off. We also chat Weed vs. CBD, why people react differently and what to do if you or a friend are having a bad trip. This episode WILL come in handy at parties FYI. 

84. Rethink Love! Being the One, Attracting the One, and Becoming One with Monica Berg

What comes after “Happily Ever After”?! Our guest this week would say that's when the REAL love story begins. International speaker, spiritual thought leader, and author of “Rethink Love”, Monica Berg, is in the house today to talk about building the foundations for a healthy and long lasting relationship. We chat about choosing partners, the concept of settling, soul mates, sex and so much more!

83. Stop Skimping on Yourself! Daily Rituals to Repair & Improve your Life with Tara Schuster

Make your bed. Eat a vegetable. Buy yourself the f*cking lilies. Hollywood Exec turned Author, Tara Schuster joins the podcast today to talk about the daily rituals that took her from a hot-mess in her twenties, to a fully functioning adult. Can we say ON BRAND? 

Tara seemingly had it all together, but underneath her veneer of career success at Comedy Central, her personal life was spiraling. After years of trying to improve her life, she culminated what worked into a best selling Self Help Book/ Memoir titled “

82. Have the MOST EPIC Bachelorette!

It’s a mini solo episode! I'm is back from my bachelorette party and hanging on by a thread. After postponing for a full year (#coronabride) I'm giving some tips on how to throw an epic bachelorette that is WELL worth the wait.