Milos was the final island on our Honeymoon, and honestly? It has my heart. This place is special. It is much lesser known/ quieter than your Santorini & Mykonos but has been growing in popularity over the last few years. The secret is out. All that means is you may want to book your accommodations early. This tiny island fills up fast!

Below are a few of my favorite spots in Milos:

We stayed at this Airbnb and absolutely loved it. It’s down a dirt path and on its own little fisherman cove which was so picturesque

Sarakiniko Beach AKA “Moon Beach”

If this place isn’t already on your bucket list - it needs to be! This Instagramable  beach was formed by a volcanic eruption and looks like you're on the moon and/or in a Spice Girls music Video. I THRIVED here.

Firopotamos - This little swimming cove is lined with fisherman shacks and cliffs. Swim around in the crystal clear water, jump off a platform and get some killer gram photos while you’re at it.

Tsigrado Beach - for the adventure seeker, to get to this beach spot you’ll need to climb down two rickety ladders. I saw a lot of girls and guys struggling on the second later! It’s not for the faint of heart. But it feels adventurous and once you get down to the beach it is allll worth it

Cafe Utopia - We stumbled into this place by accident looking for a good place to watch the sunset and were completely blown away. Get here by 7pm so you have a seat to watch the sunset (and order a cocktail!)

Palaios Coffee & Pastry - Right in front of Cafe Utopia and incredible. You have to get the Orange Cake (its a local delicacy) and it was so good it made me a better person

Phatses - Great spot for a drink! (Apparently, the food is meh, I wouldn’t know, we didn’t order) but it is in a courtyard with live music under string lights so the atmosphere is cute. I recommend going for a drink before or after dinner at Avli Milos (walking distance)

Gialos - Several locals referred us to this restaurant. Perfect for classic greek food and a great spot to watch the sunset over the docks. Loved this spot

Get on a boat to explore the Kleftiko Caves! It’s one of the most popular spots in all of Milos. Pirates used to hide in these Caves to bombard passing ships and its a super fun spot to snorkel. 

One last pro tip: Brandon and I agreed if we could go back in time we would have bought goggles and a portable beach umbrella RIGHT when we landed. A lot of the beaches don’t have shade so bringing your own is CLUTCH. Also, the water is so crystal clear and goggles makes swimming so much more fun. We got them the last day and wish we had them the whole trip!

For more, here is my full Milos Google Map!

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