Keeping up with the @MrsDowJones’ – Investing 101, Getting out of Debt, Who pays on the first date, and making finance fun w/ Haley Sacks

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We’re making Finance Fun this week with the hilarious @MrsDowJones AKA Haley Sacks. I know, I know. When I see the word “finance” I want to run for the hills but believe it or not you NEED some basic understanding of finance so you can do things like live and go to brunch.

In this episode we talk about some ways to tackle debt, some easy apps to use, and some crystal clear steps to take if you want to start investing TODAY....

I Get Knocked Down, but I Get Up Again: Resilience and learning Mental, Physical & Emotional Toughness with SURVIVOR Alumn Eliza Orlins and Paige Bourassa

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Shits getting REAL this week fam – we are talking about getting UP after getting knocked down a.k.a learning resilience and mental toughness when life just wants to kick you in the balls.

Friend of the show Paige Bourassa and I talk about getting our balls CURRENTLY kicked and how we are coping. THEN we bring on 2x Survivor Alumn and Amazing Race star Eliza Orlins who can teach us all a thing or two about developing mental toughness in extreme conditions.



Cuffed up: Seduction, Finding and vetting a potential mate, “do I like him or am I just cold” and increasing intimacy in relationships

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Welcome to FALL YA’LL. It’s the season of PSL’s,  Cozy Sweaters, and of course – CUFFING SZN. I’m joined by the hilarious ladies of the Girl’s Gotta Eat Podcast to talk all about this time honored tradition, some cuffing fails, and answers to the age old question “Do I like him or am I just cold?” We’ll also play a game called “Psycho or Power Move” on some cuffing tactics that may make you cringe in your cable knit sweater. 

THEN our expert of the week...

Let’s Get Lost! Travel tips & tricks, Where to go, relationship tips on the road with Find Us Lost Travel Blog

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I plan on igniting some WONDERLUST in all of you because we are talking ALL about Summer Travel in this episode! Ohh travel. My mom used to say it’s the one thing you can spend your money on that actually makes you richer. And for once, I totally agree with her.   

Selena and Jacob Taylor are on the podcast today and they are the husband and Wife duo behind the INCREDIBLE Find US Lost Travel blog. They are sharing all their favorite...

Summer Love, Dating, Hookups, Fuckboys & Friendzones with Bravo TV’ Paige DeSorbo & Danielle Olivera of Summer House

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Summer Love is in the air and we are turning UP THE HEAT in this episode. We’re talking Hookups, dating apps, one night stands, how to spot a fuckboy AND how to move that summer fling into something more. And if there are two people who know a thing or two about Summer Love, it’s my two guests Today from Bravo TV’s Summer House - Paige Desordo and Danielle Olivera. Grab your rose lets go! 

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Paige Desorbo -...