The Anxiety Episode: Finding the root causes of our anxiety, How to treat it, When to seek professional help, Free, cheap and natural resources to help you every single day


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This week, we are getting into it folks. We are diving into a BIG #Bigkidproblem that I’m sure has affected 100% of you listening at one point or another. This – is the Anxiety Episode. Maybe you struggle with anxiety every day or maybe you just had a super stressful period like a breakup or a job loss – but one thing is for certain. You either have or will face anxiety at one point or another.

Word of warning… this episode is...

Episode 7: When Your Friends Start getting Pregnant on Purpose: What its really like being pregnant, weird things no one prepares you for, fertility options, egg freezing, birth anxiety



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Nothing will make you put your life into perspective quite like when you’re friends start getting pregnant on purpose. One day you’re all eating chicken nuggets on the floor of your apartment and the next, you’re picking out nursery room colors. Life happens fast man.

In this episode,  we’re going to talk about ALL kinds of things related to pregnancy and fertility. So regardless if you’re female OR male - this episode will be eye-opening.  First, our roundtable is with Bravo TVs’ Ashley Wirkus...

Episode 6: I Miss my Metabolism! Ways our lifestyle & stress effects our bodies over time, fad diets, dad-bods, and reprogramming your brain and body image to live longer, healthier lives

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Quick show of hands if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by your metabolism? It seems like just yesterday we could eat an XL pizza by ourselves and now if we even look at a carb we gain 3 lbs? WHAT GIVES? This week we are joined by Lauren Wirkus and Lindsay Hubbard from Bravo TV’s Summer House to talk about our guiltiest late night eats, putting on ‘love pounds’, stress eating, fad diets we’ve failed at, and the effects...

Episode 5: WHAT ARE WE?! Defining the relationship, how to have the difficult conversations, joining finances, moving in together, when to pull the rip cord

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Hate having the dreaded, “WHAT ARE WE?!” conversation? Same. This week we’re talking all about taking the next steps in a relationship.

First, we have our roundtable with the hilarious and talented ladies behind the wildly popular ‘Almost 30 Podcast’ – Krista Williams and Lindsay Simcik. We talk about DTR,  signs things are getting serious, and how to trick our boyfriends into doing what we want. THEN we have on our expert of the week, Relationship Expert & Sexologist, Michelle Hope,...

Episode 4: Help Me I’m Poor! Budgeting, Breaking bad financial habits, Odd jobs & side hustles, Changing your money mindset, Tips to escape credit card and student loan debt

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Help me I’m poor! One of the biggest #bigkidproblems out there is feeling broke or just not knowing how to control your personal finances. If anyone knows this struggle well, it’s Comedienne Wrenn Woods and Actress Katie Peterson who spent years doing the “ struggling actress” thing. And I thought NYC was hard! We talk odd jobs and side hustles, stupid habits that keep us broke, and the weirdest things we’ve done for money.

Then we’ll uncover...