Party Smart! How alcohol, drugs, juuls and sun effect your skin (and how to fix it) PLUS your biggest skin #bigkidproblems solved w/ LA’s Famous Skin Worship

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Summer is a time for fun in the Sun but it comes at a cost at my friends! Ever feel like you’ve aged 5 years after a long night of partying? Yea, your skin feels it too. I had heard whispers of a magical Skin Haven called “Skin Worship” in Los Angeles, and sat down with owner Leslie Kritzer and Andrea Amez to learn their HIGHLY sought after skincare tips and tricks. But...

EVERY Body is a Beach Body! Confidence Hacks, Body Image, Looking & Feeling Good with Style & Empowerment Coach Melissa Chataigne

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Summer 2019 has been crowned HOT GIRL SUMMER and yes I had to look up what that means. Hot Girl Summer is all about living your best life with confidence and it couldn’t be more fitting to have on Style & Empowerment Coach Melissa Chataigne to show us how to dip into our power. She is a style expert and a speaker who leads empowerment workshops to help people cultivate...

I’m Engaged! A Surprise Engagement Story + Wedding Planning 101 with @BetchesBrides

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Welcome to The BigKidProblems Podcast SUMMER SERIES! This is the first of five specialty “Summer” episodes and we’re kicking things off with some big news…. I’m engaged! Since we’re friends now, I had to fill you in on how it all went down, so my FIANCE Brandon Hall joins us to help tell the tale from our separate perspectives.

THEN, I couldn’t make this episode ALL about me, so I brought in an expert from @BetchesBrides (The new channel from @betches )to teach...

Course Correction: Changing your Path in life with Hannah Berner, Taylor Strecker and Biet Simkin

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Have you ever been going down a certain path in life and realized you needed to make a change? Maybe you switched careers or got out of a relationship, maybe you are considering making a change now.. the point is, Course Corrections can be one of the hardest and SCARIEST parts of adulthood. One change, for better or worse, can completely change the course of your life. #NOPRESSURE


No New Friends.. Just Kidding. Expanding your inner circle, finding community and building new friendships as an “adult”

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This week we are talking all about making new friends as a quote on quote “adult”. It does seem that the older we get, the harder it can be to make new friends… We have more responsibilities, we already have established friendships, and not to mention, meeting new people can be uncomfortable and there happens to be a perfectly good new murder documentary on Netflix. #hardpass.